Subject dealt with:

  1. All establishment matters relating to Gazetted Officers except Vigilance and Disciplinary Cases
  2. All matters concerning nominations of C.I.R.M. Officers/Gazatted Officers for Training/ Courses/ Seminars etc. conducted in the country abroad.
  3. Continuance of all temporary posts (Gazetted and Non-Gazetted) and conversion of temporary Gazetted posts in to permanent ones.
  4. Issue of Identity Cards to C.I.R.M. officers/Pensioners.
  5. All advances to Gazetted Officers.
  6. Deputation of C.I.R.M. Officers/Gazatted Officers to various Public Sector Undertakings.
  7. Grant of permission for acceptance of remuneration and Delivery of Lectures by Gazetted Officers.
  8. Declaration of D.D.O. of field Oraganisations.
  9. Payment of fees tec. In legal matters concerning Adm.I Section.
  10. Reference / Circular of DOP&T/ISTM.
  11. Medical reimbursement & appointment of A.M.A. for Gazetted Officers



Subject dealt with:

  1. All establishment matters regarding appointments, Promotions, Seniority, Grant of ACP/MACP etc, pertaining to Non-gazetted staff in CLC(C) officer and Regional & field offices.
  2. Training of Non- gazetted staff in ISTM/ Regional Hqrs.
  3. Liveries to Driver and MTS Staff of CLC(C) Hqrs.
  4. Staff Associations, Office Council & Departmental Council matter.
  5. CLC(C)s Office Library.
  6. CGHS for Gazetted & Non-gazetted staff of CLC(C)s office.
  7. Issue of Ministry of Home Affairs Identity Cards to officers and staff of the CLC(C)s office (Hqrs).
  8. Childrens Education Allowance to Non-gazetted staff of CLC(C)s office (Hqrs)
  9. All advances i.e. HBA/ Scooter advance, Computer advance etc. to Non-gazetted staff of CLC(C)s office (Hqrs) and Non-gazetted staff of Regional Offices.
  10. Returns and Reports on Administrative matters concerning Non-gazetted staff.
  11. Court cases filed by Non-gazetted staff in (Hqrs) and regional offices.
  12. Medical reimbursement & appointment of A.M.A. for Non-gazetted staff.
  13. Clarifications to reference received from Regional Offices on Establishments & other matters. 14. Sanction of Cash Handling allowance to cashiers of field offices.
  14. Enhancement of wage in respect of part-time sweeper in Regional Offices.
  15. Engagement of Security Guard & etc. through outsourcing in the field offices.
  16. Holding of Limited Departmental Competitive Examination for UDC in the field office.
  17. Framing/ Amendment of recruitment rules in respect of Non-gazetted posts in the field offices.
  18. Inter region/ Inter departmental transfers of Non-gazetted staff of Regional Offices.
  19. VIP references and parliament questions relating to establishment matters dealt with in Adm.II Section.
  20. Compassionate appointments in Regional Offices/CLC(C) Hqrs.
  21. Re-imbursement of newspaper bills of officers of CLC(C) (Hqrs).
  22. Engagement of Daily-wage workers for CLC(C) office.
  23. Engagement of non-Gazetted staff through outsourcing in the CLC(C) Office.
  24. Creation of posts of staffs in field offices under Plan/Non-Plan Schemes.


Subject dealt with:

  1. Accommodation (i) Office/Office-cum-residential accommodation allotment, hiring, shifting, construction etc.(ii) Allotment of Govt. residential accommodation to Officers & Staff of CLC(C) HQ.
  2. Furniture & Fixtures, Hqrs. & Field offices.
  3. Telephone, Telex & Telegrams and connected matters including verification of bills of CLC(C) Hqrs.
  4. Computers and other office equipments (including electrical & mechanical appliances)
  5. Provision of AC & Coolers, heaters, glass-tumbler etc. for Hqrs.
  6. Cycles- purchase, repair and maintenance for Hqrs. & field.
  7. Vehicles & Staff cars & connected matters for Hqrs. & field.
  8. Stores, purchase and distribution of Stationery in Hqrs. and Printing of forms for Hqrs. and field office.
  9. The unserviceable obsolete and surplus stores, their condemnation, disposal etc. in both Hqrs. & field offices.
  10. Black- listing firms.
  11. Service contingencies of both CLC(C) Hqrs. & field offices.
  12. Permission for purchase of stationery etc. for field offices.
  13. Settlement of Audit paras pointed out by Internal Audit parties/State Audit parties etc. connected with the above subjects in the Hqrs. and field offices.
  14. Shifting of regional offices and logistics consequent to approval of the same.
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