Subjects dealt with :

  a)  General :-

  1. Processing & examination of prosecution proposals under section various labour laws.
  2. Recommendation and forwarding of P.Ps under 197 of Cr. P.C to Ministry of Labour & Enforcement for obtaining permission of the concerned employment Ministry and their follow up action.
  3. Dropping of P.Ps  and issuance of orders of re- inspection of the Estts. Under various enactments.
  4. Grant of permission to field officers for attending court cases as prosecution witnesses through out the country.
  5. Permission to engage advocates/CGSC ect. In revision/ appeal cases in various courts, if the prosecution is challenged.
  6. Withdrawal of prosecution cases form the courts under para 9.106 of the Dept. Manual.
  7. To take follow up action in relation to V.I.P references, M.P reference and parliament Questions pertaining to Enforcement section only.  

 b) Under BOCW (RE& CS) Act:  

  1. Processing of pps u/s 47, 48, 49 of BOCW Act. and giving sanctions thereto.
  2. Processing of complaints u/s 50 of BOCW Act, preparation of SCN and orders of penalty awarded by DG(I).  
  3. Handling of fatal, non-fatal accident. Reports received by the employers.
  4. Handling of WP s under BOCW Act.
  5. Follow up action under BOCW Act after giving sanction u/s  47, 48, 49.
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