Budget & Planning


Subject dealt with:

  1. Preparation of Pay Bills and various other bills of Gazetted and Non Gazetted staff at Hqrs and their disbursement.
  2. T.A. Bills ,L.T.C. Bills and Medical Bills of Dy.CLCs(C)/RLCs(C) at Hqrs and Filed Offices in whose cases CLC(C) is the Controlling Authority.
  3. Indian Airlines Corporation Bills.
  4. Preparation of T.A/Transfer TA/T.A. Advances /Medical Bills of Gazetted and Non Gazetted Officer at Hqrs.
  5. Preparation of Contingent Bills, GPF Advance Bills, LTC Bills, Final Payment of GPF,DCRG Bills, Leave Encashment Bills, Other Advances Bills, Leave Salary and T.A.Bills,etc.
  6. Calculation of Income Tax, Preparation of Income Tax Returns, Issue of IncomeCertificates and also Income Tax Certificates.
  7. Verification of GPF Balances for the purpose of GPF Advance and Final withdrawals.
  8. Verification of License fee for Govt. Accommodation.
  9. Preparation of Annual Budget Estimates of CLCs Organization both under Plan and Non Plan ,Revenue Receipt Budget, Loan & Advances, Final Estimates, all matters regarding budgeting, Re-appropriation of Funds.
  10. Collection & Compilation of monthly/Quarterly/Annual Expenditure statements.
  11. Collection & Compilation of Monthly Progress Report on Annual action Plan.
  12. Allocation of Funds to various offices, departmentalization of accounts, Monitoring of expenditure flow.
  13. Allocation of funds for Loans, Advances, Permanent Advances including verification of their availability.
  14. Audit and Audit Objections.
  15. Co-ordination with field offices regarding reconciliation of accounts, budget, etc.
  16. Preparation of Annual and Five Year Plan.
  17. References/circular from Ministry of Finance regarding financial matters.
  18. Monthly/Quarterly progress report on implementation of Annual Action Plan.
  19. Planning and development including plan schemes and allied matters required by Planning Commission from time to time.
  20. Parliament Questions on the above matters.
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