Official Language


Subject dealt with:

  1. Translation of General Orders, Administrative and other reports etc. from English to Hindi
  2. Hindi Teaching Scheme.
  3. Submission of quarterly and annual reports regarding use of Hindi as official language.
  4. Implementation of Hindi Orders in the Subordinate Offices.
  5. Preparation of model drafts for the various sections and offices in the CLC(C)s Orgnisation
  6. Parliament questions and assurances relating to Hindi as Official Language.
  7. Calling of meeting and preparation of minutes of the Official Language Implementation Committee in the CLC(C)s organization as well as follow- up action on the decisions thereof.
  8. Implementation of official Language Act and rules made thereunder.
  9. Submission of material etc. for the meeting of the Hindi Salahakar Samiti of the Ministry of Labour and follow-up actions on the decisions thereof.
  10. Submission of half-yearly report on the progress of Hindi teaching Scheme.
  11. Review of Staff Strength of Jr. Hindi Translators etc. in the Headquarter as well as regional offices.
  12. Incentive Schemes for progressive use of Hindi in official work.
  13. Coordination between CLC(C) Hqr. and Ministry of Labour & Employment and Deptt. Of Official Language , MHA.
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